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Bell Tower Corporation: Who We Are

Bell Tower Corporation is a C- corporation that was established in 1991 by Richard and Shari Bell, and we officially started manufacturing towers in 2003. We are leaders in the industry of tall towers and we manufacture towers for uses such as: cellular, broadcast, oil and gas industry, and government contracts to include FAA towers. We also provide services in tower erection, modification, and the disassembly of unused towers.

WE BELIEVE IN the economic utility of trust: Trust is paramount in our industry and is necessary for strong working relationships with our partners and clients.

WE BELIEVE IN taking care of people: We take pride in both employee and client satisfaction. We also consider the personnel who will be operating and maintaining our towers.

WE BELIEVE IN innovation: We are an organization that is everchanging and adapting to the technological advancements in our world today. We put a premium on intellctual property and the value of the human mind.

WE BELIEVE IN 5 points of sound manufacturing: (1) Structural Integrity (2) Economically practical (3) Material availability (4) Ease of manufacturing (5) Ease of transportation and construction

Our team is comprised of innovative leaders, designers, and welders. Bell Tower Corporation is a reputable and trusted leader in the Tower manufacturing industry.

Bell Tower Corporation | Innovative Leadership in Tower Manufacturing


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established 1991

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