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“Frequency Matched


The Bell Tower Frequency Matched Tower Sections (FMS) represents the highest level of technology offered today for RF signal propagation improvement which is achieved by way of engineering the antenna to tower relationship. Bell Tower professionally engineers sections on which the FM antenna is mounted to have maximum effects on the free space pattern.

With over 50 years experience, Bell Tower in conjunction with tuning technology, named this advancement the FMS. For each FMS, Bell Tower locates the solid steel structural tower members in the precise position to create a symmetrical backdrop for each of the RF signals. Even though no one can completely predict how RF will radiate until actual release, this technology allows more concise predictions.

Considerations are taken in tower height, wind and ice loading requirements, guy radius, antenna configuration and frequency. The impressive result is a professionally engineered mounting system for the antenna that maximizes signal clarity and maximizes RF patterns for precision and predictability.

Because of the standard setting reputation and impressive longevity of Bell Tower Corporation in the tower industry, you can rest assure the highest level of quality, the most innovated technology with the fastest turnaround goes into each and every tower structure that is produced at Bell Tower Corporation.


The FMS Benefits:

  • Provides Symmetrical Mounting
  • Maximizes Signal Clarity
  • Maximizes Precise and Predictable RF Patterns

No Other Design is More Effective Than FMS

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